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Gay Nazis & other stories

TO ALL READERS (all ten of you): This blog post was written months ago for another site. However, it’s sadly still relevant, which is why I’ve decided to repost it here. ‘Enjoy’!

Are you gay? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are an inciter of genocide, repression and cause people to have cancer-related deaths. I bet you eat babies and kick puppies too. You utter bastard.

Over the past few weeks gay rights campaigners have been compared to Nazis in an article published by The Church of England Newspaper (hilariously dubbed the ‘Gaystapo’ – the scamps) and the Daily Mail, Britain’s champion of white middle class moral insanity, has accused Tesco of choosing a gay cause over that of saving lives, due to its switch in sponsorship from Cancer Research’s Race For Life to London Pride, thus consigning thousands of cancer suffers to imminent death (if the wording in some of the Mail’s comment pieces are to be believed). It seems that our stubborn will to not repress who we are is harming the very fabric of society, as our selfish quest for equality and acceptance rapes the existence of traditional values and bludgeons to death those that hold dear good Christian behaviour. We must be stopped at any cost.

It is astonishing that as we head towards 2012, this kind of attitude towards homosexuals continues to persist. We were supposed to be in a post Sex & The City and Will & Grace utopia, a golden age where we could openly embrace same-sex folk in public, come out to our friends and family without fear of rejection and walk unashamedly hand-in-hand with the one that we love down any suburban high street without getting a good murdering.

When reading Alan Craig’s article for The Church of England Newspaper, his fear of gay men and women’s increasing prevalence and the impact of allowing us to marry is palpable. Just what is it about us that threatens Alan (who is the leader of the Peoples Christian Alliance) and those like-minded? The origins of his feelings can probably be gleamed from this choice excerpt:

“They want to hijack a word and capture our culture at its deepest level. They want to reconfigure relationships, eliminate the traditional family and hence eradicate stable upbringing for our children. They want SSM – same-sex ‘marriage’.”

It’s a fear-mongering hate-filled little outburst of irrationality. While I don’t speak for the entire gay community (although I would love that job) our plight is not to destroy what once was, the so-called ‘traditional’, but to enrich it. To build upon an ancient and respected institution, open it up and make it inclusive of everybody. If my memory of history lessons in school serves me correctly (it may not – I’ve gone done a lot of drinking since then), this is the complete opposite of Nazism and to compare those who tirelessly campaign for gay rights to a brutal dictatorship is not only wildly insulting but also grotesque. The implication that the actions of gay rights advocates will set in motion a Christian Holocaust is so far beyond the realm of reality, that it doesn’t surprise me that Alan believes in the power of an invisible, unprovable deity.

Richard Littlejohn’s little rant in his Daily Mail column about Tesco choosing to support WorldPride London is homophobia at its finest, which should be consigned to the impotent ramblings of an unread blog (yes, like this one – I said it before you could), not published in a widely distributed national newspaper. It simply shouldn’t exist. Every line of the admittedly small piece radiates with offence, from horrendous stereotyping:

“If gays want to dress up as Carmen Miranda or mince up and down the Mall in nothing but their knickers, that’s fine by me.”

To the utterly outrageous:

“…why would Britain’s biggest supermarket want to be associated with such an event, at the expense of cancer victims?”

Littlejohn also goes on to imply that an animal charity is a more deserving cause than homosexuals, although he has allowed us to walk around outside wearing what we want, so that’s a small step towards liberalism. While I’m aware that it’s a futile exercise to get worked up by the Mail’s right-wing rhetoric, I believe that it’s dangerous for articles such as this to go by without comment, particularly when they indirectly suggest that by our very existence we are causing others to suffer. What Littlejohn has failed to comprehend is that the Pride organisation is a registered and deserving charity that promotes equality, community and helps us LGBT folk take a stand against discrimination. It’s not just a big awesome party (although that is a major selling point).

To those reading this that may share the views of the aforementioned writers, I would like to make this plea: We aren’t the sexuality Borg here to exterminate your culture and assimilate you and your children into our homosexual collective. We are a peaceful race merely seeking to co-exist on your planet and share the same rights, privileges and acceptance afforded to the rest of the human populace.

Resistance is futile.


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  1. Is it really astonishing? Let’s say the problem is a cultural-religious matter rather than a spiritual one- with religion being (in my opinion) a fertility cult & a form of self-worship. From that, the sexually insecure, religiously delusioned punish everyone else for the issues they have with their own sexuality.

    Looking at religion from the outside, it’s easy to think the loudest represent the majority- but I’ve seen a gay guy, on a blog, tear another person to shreds for supporting gay rights- because: [A] He wasn’t gay and [B] He happened to be religious. The gay guy called him a hypocrite, asking how he could possibly belong to this religion and be for equal rights- that at least he respected someone else on the blog [who was anti-gay rights] for being more ‘principled’ -less cafeteria christian & somehow truer to his religion. To me, this wasn’t a productive line to take- The gay guy took it personally that a straight, religious person was being supportive & talking on his behalf. He took this approach on numerous occasions, with varying degrees of ferocity with other religious liberals, to the point they were less willing to put in time to support gay topics on the blog where religious conservatives had expressed their bigotry.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short- I’m not religious but gay people need all the friends they can get. It’s natural to assume others will accept us because people we know accept us- As I’ve learnt the world doesn’t work like that. Yet we need the support of others outside our own group. If someone religious supports common sense equality, it’s important to encourage & support them in that, even if we don’t believe religion to be common sense -cos it’s a bit much to ask they get attacked from both sides- the religious conservatives & gays who think religion is a crock. Does that make sense? I’m tired & haven’t had coffee yet.

    NB-As long as there’s suffering and fear in this world, there’s going to be religion in some form or other. I’d rather it shaped by benign elements with our support than be ignored, scoffed at, left to fester- only to mutate into something we have no leverage or say in- somehow shocked that people who hate us want to deny us rights, because we were too snooty to engage with some of their number – as they were ‘different’ and ‘not one of us’ and we had no respect for who they were as human beings. LGBT’s will always be a minority and for that reason we can’t be as ignorant, cuntish & insensitive as everyone else, even if we often try our hardest to be all those things


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